Free Daily/Weekly Schedule

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A gift from my homeschooling home to yours :) 

We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, and that means we have a lot of 10-15 minute healthy and scrumptious “dishes” throughout the day/week apart from the "main course”. I made and used this when eldest just started formal lessons to help me keep track of it all but I use a different system now for 4 children.
Here is the PDF link that you are free to download and use. I left it all blank so that you can decide which subjects to include. 
Here is a sample of how I used it as I mentioned here.

Weekly daily

Weekly daily jpeg

Feel free to add or disregard some “subjects”. But for those that are or are transitioning to CM, this somehow captures "the Feast" that we all want for our children apart from the daily reading and narration from Living Books. 
I hope this helps you in your homeschool journey.
Enjoy Planning and ticking those boxes.

*** You may print as needed for PERSONAL use only. Thank you.


  1. Thank you! This looks amazing, and rather serendipitous. We were planning to do Sabbath Schooling this year (six weeks on, seventh week off), so having six weeks per page fits our planned schedule perfectly.

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    1. glad to be of help in your CM journey :)

  3. Thank you. This is perfect. I have been trying to find a good way of organizing for two years and this looks perfect.

  4. what do you trust their answer would be? Would it be math help services something they have perused, a significant class address, a drawing in class discourse