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I officially said goodbye to my former web address myrubyslippers.org, and am now at ourlivinglearning.com

I was a much younger mom when I started “myrubyslippers”, and I was struggling with the fact that I had to stay home with the kids. I clearly remember sulking all day in my pajamas, constantly grumbling and dreaming about the other side of the fence. And it did not help that I was not the "domesticated" type.

I barely knew how to cook eggs. I hated washing dishes. Nor was I an early riser.

Imagine that.

myrubyslippers was a way out somehow; a way to divert my attention from all the chores and the tiring days. Through the years, my heart slowly changed. And it all started when I accepted and embraced this role given to me. I slowly discovered more about myself, and realized that I am meant to be exactly where I am. And it happened mainly because I decided to let go, and let Him transform me. 

After years of trying to figure things out, I still hate washing dishes :) BUT I learned how to cook, and I am now an early riser. I’ve also learned to sew, to crochet, to knit, to bake. And now, a leap of faith in homeschooling :) 

Instead of clicking away with myrubyslippers, I am now at a place where I am at home more than ever. 

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..because I strive to live life to the fullest by being present at the moment, by feeding our home with a living atmosphere, and by seeing beauty in the little things. 

(And really, Dorothy did not have ruby slippers. It was actually silver.)


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