Grace upon Grace || 2.13.2017-2.17.2017 ||

Feb13 2017 1 final

Grace upon Grace...


Feb13 2017 2 final

:: Strength and Energy

:: Beauty of Nature

:: Curious minds

:: Attentive eyes

:: Friendships blooming

:: Busy hands

:: Creative hands

:: Tea time

:: Great February weather

:: Natural History

:: Pilgrim’s Progress

:: Biographies

Dei Gratia.



- It was the first day of Cognitio and Explorare Program over at Living Learning Children. Excited for the coming Mondays where I can share my love for learning using Charlotte Mason’s method. 

- Our on-going focus on bees for Natural History has been amazing! We’ve been studying it for 2 terms already.

- 7 year old daughter’s narrations on Church History. “Aryans believe that Jesus is fully man but not God. They don’t make sense. He is FULLY man and FULLY God."

- 9 year old son has been busy whittling in his free time. 

- February weather means we do our learning outdoors!

- We are all enjoying Pilgrim’s Progress here.

Things to change:

- Sleep early.

- Pray more.

- Plan more.

- But in the end, Let Go.


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