Year 1, Term 1 Exam (2016)

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We are done with term 1 for school year 2016. Been working on the kids upcoming exams, and here are the final questions. (I’ll be serving chocolates and ‘tea’ as we go through each section.)

I will be recording the oral narrations. Hoping I will be able to transcribe all of their answers for documentation purposes.

**The questions below are based on Ambleside Online, our main Charlotte Mason curriculum guide. 




Age 6

Year 1 Term 1 

Prepared Oct. 2016




Which bible passage/story struck you most this term?


Tell about the centurion in the Gospel of Luke.


Tell about Pharoah and God’s People.


Tell about Mary's visit to Elizabeth, or something from Jesus' childhood (i.e. newborn presentation at the temple or being left at the temple later).





>>Filipino Biography (Emilio Aguinaldo)


Tell me about Emilio Aguinaldo’s childhood.


>>Filipino Reading/Literature (Araw sa Palengke)


Magbasa ka ng dalwang pahina sa harap ng mga kapatid mo. (Read 2 pages to your siblings)





>>Aesop’s Fables


What is your favorite Fable of Aesop so far? tell me about it.

>> Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (Dangerous Journey)


Tell something about Christian and his journey so far.


>> Parables From Nature by Margaret Gatty


What part in the parable Master of the Harvest was your favorite? Draw it and explain.


>> Shakespeare 


(Master of Venice) Tell about Shylock, Antonio, and Bassanio.


>> Just So Storiies by Rudyard Kipling


Tell how the Leopard got his spots.


>> Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang


What was your favorite Fairy Tale from Blue Fairy Book? Tell about it.





>> 50 Famous Stories (Short Biographies/Tales) by James Baldwin


Tell the story of either The Sword of Domocles, The Brave 300, or William Tell.


>> Trial and Triumph (Church History) by Richard Hannula


Tell me about Polycarp and Constantine.


>> Our Island Story (British History) by H.E. Marshall


Tell about Emperor Caligula or Boadicea


>> Benjamin Franklin by D’Aulaire


Tell about Benjamin Franklin’s childhood, and what struck you about his life so far?





>> Bee Study


Sketch from memory the anatomy of a bee.

Tell me about what you sketched.


>> Bird Burgess Book by Thornton Burgess


Tell all you know about Song Sparrows or Bluebirds.

Sketch from memory your favorite bird we’ve discussed so far.





>> Philippine Map Work


Write on the Philippine Map the different Regions in the area of Luzon.


>> World Map Work


Find these countries/places on the map:



Lake Superior

Lake Nipigon





>> Oral Math 


>> MEP


>> Cuisenaire Rods


>> Paper Sloyd

Make a 6x6 inch square. 

Choose and make 1 paper sloyd project from the ones you have done already.




>> Chinese


Recite or sing something you have learned in Chinese.

Write numbers 1-10 in Chinese Calligraphy


>> Spanish


Sing a song in Spanish



Choose a story from Treadwell Readers, and read it out loud to your father.


PICTURE/ART STUDY (Jean Baptiste Camille Corot)

Describe your favorite picture from this term's picture study.

Sketch it from Memory.



Play 3 from your piano pieces.



Recite Psalm 100, Psalm 23, and Psalm 21



Recite a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson




“Be Though My Vision”, “Blessed Assurance, or “How Great Thou Art”



Show a friend how to carve a candle with carving tools.



What was your favorite book read during free time this term?  What did you like best about it?

Draw a scene from Pinocchio or Charlotte’s Web or Saint George and the Dragon.  

Describe briefly which scene you have illustrated.



  1. This is great! I've never done this sort of exam before...I just review with myself where I feel like they are at...I always go back 'n forth about the why and need for might be equal parts laziness on my part and also just not sure the reason FOR the exam. I do see how it would be nice to see where they are at and what they KNOW. :) Amy

    1. It's been great and I see the value in it. It's not testing them at all. The approach is quite gentle and even fun :) It helps me assess where I should focus on. Should I still read aloud a particular book to the child? or can she handle it already? do I need to break down readings more? maybe I need to help in the habit of attention again? or maybe the discipline to do copywork? so, I highly recommend :) Plus it's the only time I record their sweet voices narrating back such beautiful stories :)