I am a CM student too

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A glimpse of my process in reading a book.

I doodle, write narrations, and do copywork on whatever book I am currently reading. It takes time, diligence, and focus. The very habits that I am trying to help build in my children. Through this process, I am able to understand how hard narration is, how effective copywork is, and how doodling makes it all fun :) I follow all the rules that I apply to my kids: I only read through a portion once and in short doses, I narrate and retell all the details I can remember, I add in some insights, and I just let my thoughts flow without disruption. I visualize when I do copywork, making sure that I write in my best, and take notice of every punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and capitalizations. 

I too am a CM student, and I am loving every bit of it :)


  1. This life is so rich, isn't it? The blessings abound. Thanks for sharing, Gina!

  2. I love this so much. I too love journals and recording things on paper. Btw, your blog header is BEAUTIFUL.

  3. You're writing is so neat! Lovely post.

  4. Your handwriting is beautiful, Gina! Thanks for the peek into your self-education. :)