On Tea Breaks and Chinese Calligraphy



We were recently given calligraphy ink and brushes from Japan, and we were excited to practice what we’ve learned in the last months. I’m sure we were doing it all wrong from holding the brush to making the strokes. But it was a good hour or so of pretending we were Chinese monks of some sort :) 


I’ve always tried to make it a priority to take that 4pm tea break for rest and enrichment by creating, making, seeing, and listening. These are easily brushed aside. But I think it is essential. It keeps our minds refreshed and inspired. There is nothing fancy about it really. I just grab whatever snacks we have around and prepare “tea”. Tea could mean juice, hot cocoa, or plain water. My eldest daughter sets up the table, and the rest come down and gather around the dining table. No matter what snacks I bring out, it will always be a hit. From cupcakes to Fita Crackers, my kids will love it no matter what. I think what makes it extra special is the idea of sitting together, enjoying “rest” and the “riches" after a full day. 


Afternoon tea has been part of our learning since eldest was 3. Besides our Daily Morning Basket, this has come to be the best part of our day :)