First day school year 2016-2017

Survived our first day of Learning for school year 2016-2017 with a preschooler, AOyear 1, AOyear 3, and a grade 5 student (my niece). Tiring but lovely. We started our day reading from Luke 1:1-12, sang a new hymn, recited Mathew 6:19-34, prayed for the day, and sang the Spanish and Filipino version of Lupang Hinirang. We learnd about planktons, diatoms, Philippine Geography, Age of Discovery (from Columbus to Magellan), Cape Town - South tip of Africa, Cape Horn - South tip of Southern America, fractions, Henry V, “equivalence”, Perseus, Si Mariang Alimango, Da Vinci, greater than and less than, Sword of Damocles etc. etc.… whew.. what a feast!

I planned on taking a “first day” picture but never got to it. I only managed to take a picture of my 4 year old preschooler playing with math. It was a lovely lovely first day. 

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. 

for the strength that can only come from You;

for the overflowing Grace.


IMG 4896 Fotor

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