Bible Art Journal

My husband recently bought me a beautiful Italian duo-tone, Note-Taker's Bible (NASB). He bought me one because he knows that I’m a compulsive note-taker. He knows me well :)  But I’m already using a Study Bible for my Precept Inductive Study, so I decided to use this new one for my Sunday notes, and to make #BibleArt (of some sort). Since I started doodling, it has provided a different way for me to appreciate the Word.
Stained Glass Art Windows in Gothic Cathedrals were built during the Middle Ages. Back when most could not read, followers of Christ looked at these stained glasses to understand the written Word; the beautiful art was meant to tell The Story. And so, I am doodling “stained-glass” art to remember what it took for others to understand His narrative.
After careful study of the Word, I end with art, and prayer.
We have been studying church history the last 2 years, from Early Church (Polycarp to St. Patrick) to the Middle Ages (Pope Gregory I to John Huss). I can’t get over the fact that it took a lot of blood and much persecution to have the written Word translated to common language, or even simply read by common people. There were those who sacrificed their lives just so the Bible could be preached. These men stood against church leaders who condemned them for giving supremacy to the Word.
Three men stood out: Peter Waldo, John Wycliffe, and John Huss. All three bravely embraced their calling, making sure they did all they can so that one day the Bible can be read freely and understood. 
Knowing what it took, and seeing how God orchestrated everything heightened my appreciation of the Word. 
After all, it is meant to be read by the commonest of all. 

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