Weekend Planning: 1st day of 2016


It felt good planning for our week and the new year as a whole last weekend. I thought of each child and assessed what activities/“lessons" needed to be added, removed, or given priority. I pre-read the chapters that are assigned for this week. Jotted down the names, countries, and unfamiliar words on my Master Notebook. I reviewed new books for Family read aloud time. I scanned through vintage oral math books. I prepared black lined maps for our daily map drills and laminated away! 

The few changes that I thought were needed:

*More (Daily) math discovery/play with Cuisenaire Rods for everyone except the eldest.

*Incorporate weekly watercolor art sessions in addition to drawing.

*More Oral Math for the 2 eldest.

*More Nursery Rhymes for 2 youngest.

*Take Filipino subject up a notch!

*Schedule the Free Reads.

*Incorporate new math games and activities for mathy child.

*Make sure that Copywork exercises are done daily using Italics.

*Revamp Map Drills Focusing on Philippine Regions and Europe.

*Took note of the difference: Bible school work vs Devotions.

*Reviewed assigned household chores for each child and myself.

As you can tell, I looove planning. The challenge really is in implementing and being consistent. So, here is to year 2016 — may the possible and close-to-impossible all happen through You. We are excited for another year!


 {It was a good 3 week vacation/rest for us. The days were packed but restful; simple yet meaningful. But surprisingly, my eldest said: “Too much vacation is not a good thing. I miss homeschooling.”} :)



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