Year 2, Term 1 Exams

** CM Examination for Year 2, term 1 **

Take note that these were answered orally (children from years 1-3 focus on oral retellings instead of written) and there was no review nor preparation done by the student. Student simply answered the questions.

The goal of a Charlotte Mason exam is to give the child the opportunity to tell what he knows. Very different from most tests that focuses or “catches” what child does not know. And because CM’s emphasis on narration or retelling after each reading (instead of projects or tests or memorization to “glue-in” the lesson) is what we have been doing since the beginning, most of the learning are owned by the child. As what my son always tells me, “if you can’t retell or narrate in your own words, you don’t truly understand." 


Year 2, Term 1




     1. Tell me how God called Abraham. Where did he come from? 


     2. What did we read in Matthew about the birth and very early life of Christ?


     3. What are your thoughts about Christ praying in Gethsemane?




Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio (Philippine Heroes)


     1. Compare Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio’s life.


     2. Tell me some of the things that Jose Rizal did when he was exiled to Dapitan.


     3. What was Jose Rizal fighting for? What was Andres Bonifacio fighting for?


Child’s History of the World (World History)


     1. Can you tell me something about the Feudal System. How did it start?


     2. Tell me something about the history of Normandy.


Our Island Story (Britain History)


     1. Tell me about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings.


     2. Tell me something about King Stephen’s reign.


Little Duke (History Tales/Biography)


    1. Can you tell me how Richard became Duke of Normandy.


Trial and Triumph (Church History)


     1. Tell me something about Charlemagne’s life. What struck you most?




Understood Betsy by Dorothy Fisher


     1. Tell about little ‘Lias.


     2. Describe to me the relationship of Betsy and her Aunt Frances.


Parables Of Nature


     1. Tell me something about Will-o’-the-Wisp. 


Shakespeare - Lambs Version 


     1. What do you remember about Gentlemen of Verona or Romeo and Juliet? Sketch a scene and tell me about it.


Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan


     1. Tell about me about Mr. Worldly Wiseman. Make a sketch of how you think he looks like.


     2. Say something about Mr. Obstinate and Mr. Pliable.


Free Reading


     1. Tell me a favorite scene of yours from your Free Read books.




     1. What is a butte? Can you describe one? Or, Tell everything you know about plains.


     2. Describe a compass. What does it tell us?


     3. Tell me what you know about the sun setting and rising.




     Read a passage from Pilgrim’s Progress or Shakespeare to your Father. 




     1. In this blank map, indicate where the 7 continents are.


     2. In this blank map, indicate where these are:


         a) Philippines

         b) Egypt / Nile River

         c) Britain

         d) China

         e) France

         f) Ireland

         g) Greenland





     1. Tell me what you know about a squirrel or a beaver.


     2. Describe a favorite nature find, and tell me what you observed.


     3. What does it mean for light to reflect off something? sketch a diagram showing reflection.


     4. When you shine white light on a red object, what happens to all the other colors of light that are not reflected?


     5. What did you learn about Energy?


     6. Explain how gears work.





     1. Kate has 57 fewer books than Suzie.


Complete the table and equations:










     2. We cut 150cm from a 7m length ribbon. What length of ribbon was left?


     3. List the numbers which make the statement true:  


a)   40 + 33  < [?] <  100 - 23         [?]  : __________________________



b)   87 - 4 < 80 + [?] < 92 - 5         [?]  : __________________________



     4. Answer these equations (provide MEP sheets).

     5. Answer these questions (provide Singapore Math sheets).

     6. Oral Arithmetic.






    1. Read a poem in your Filipino book or a story from your Filipino books, and translate in English.


    2. Sing a song we learned in Spanish.


    3. Name 3 words you learned in Chinese. Write the Chinese Character as well.




     1. Describe your favorite work of Edgar Degas.




     1. Recite Psalm 19:7-14.


     2. Recite a poem by Walter de la Mare.




     1. Sing “How Great Thou Art”.




     Play 2 of your piano pieces.


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