{S.Y. 2015-16} Snippets of Term 1

We are officially done with Term 1 (12 weeks) of our school year.

Months of numbers, of words, of learning.
Weeks of history, of discoveries, of stories.
Days of afternoon naps, of growth, of play.

Truly, "Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life”. The more I learn alongside them, the more I see the wisdom behind this phrase. 

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A few notes about my students this past term :)
{8 year old son: year 2}
 he is reading most of his school books now.
 he enjoys and constantly thinks of math problems.
 he is loving his new sport, Taekwondo.
 he enjoys the challenge of reading Parables of Nature and Pilgrim’s Progress.
 he understands and appreciates the language of the KJV Bible.
 he is determined to master his piano pieces.
 there is big improvement with his paper sloyd projects.
 he startles us with his insights ("science of relations").
 he enjoys filling the history timeline and seeing all the connections. 
 he can now narrate a chapter at a time (I remember how we started with 1 sentence at a time during his first months in year1. A BIG jump. amazed!)
 he takes his role (big brother) seriously.
 current favorites: playing sudoku, sketching animals, and pokemon.

{5 year old daughter: kindergarten}
she enjoys listening to fairy tales.
she takes her homeschool time seriously.
she loves poetry. 
she beautifully recites My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson out of nowhere.
her favorite subject is math.
her attention/focus is greatly improving.
she can spend hours quietly creating art.
she loves her piano lessons.
she looks forward to her weekly Kendo lessons. very determined.
she enjoys Spanish and learning the Chinese characters.
she is observant.
she wants to learn to sing opera.
she is the first to help out in the kitchen.
she loves being Big Sister to her 1 year old ading (sibling).
current favorites: her Kendo classes, sushi, and anything Japanese.

{3 year old: all day play}
he joins our singing during Morning Time.
he loves to sing any song in a theatrical and “operatic” way.
he enjoys memorizing and reciting poetry.
he is a gentle brother to his 1 year old ading.
he loves listening to stories.
he is highly energetic.
but calms down when read to.
he can also sit quietly and draw for hours
and can focus on a handicraft project.
he likes doing math (cuisenaire rods).
he gets excited with outdoor discoveries.
his current favorites: Winnie the Pooh books by AA Milne, singing, and Les Miserables.

{1 year old: all day play}
she loves the freedom of walking.
she often climbs the chair of the piano and plays music like a “pro”.
she likes meal times because she enjoys eating and making a big mess :)
she dances to any music.
she gets a book, flips through it like a “real" reader.
she is mesmerized with the song Twinke Twinkle Little Star
and energized with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!
she understands what “No!” means, and obeys (most of the time).
she loves all the attention she gets from her siblings 
but would rather snuggle with her Tatay and Nanay (Dad & Mom).
current favorite: Sinigang (Filipino Dish with soup), ice cream, and hugging Tatay (dad).

Dei Gratia.

{We’re on break for a week! :) So looking forward to this break!}

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