Overview: Kindergarten Plans 2015

This is a run down of what I planned for my kindergarten daughter this school year. So far, we are in week 6 of 36.

Daily: Morning Time with ALL kids (takes approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours every morning)
  • Hymn, Bible, Journal
  • Poetry 
  • Memory Work Binder: hymn, bible verses, poetry 
  • Family Read Aloud 
  • Oral Filipino
  • Oral Spanish
  • Chinese Calligraphy 
Kinderilaya 1Kinderilaya 2

Weekly Riches (we take our time with these)
  • weekly origami project
  • weekly baking/cooking
  • weekly handicraft
  • weekly drawing
  • weekly map work
  • weekly art appreciation 
  • Weekly music appreciation

  • weekly piano lessons
  • weekly Kendo training

Science/Exploration (another one without time restrictions)
  • weekly nature study/nature journal

Books (I schedule 2 books a day. 5-7 minutes of reading per book.)
  • The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball That Floats in the Air
  • Among the Pond People
  • Burgess Animal Stories
  • A Child’s Book of Stories 
Kinderilaya 3Kinderilaya 4

Math (10 minutes max for each session)
  • MEP Reception
  • Living Math: Cuisenaire Rods
  • Supplement: Singapore Math

IMG 0270

Phonics (10 minutes as well)
  • McGuffeys Readers using CM reading lessons
  • Word Building using bananagrams 
  • OPGTR as my resource
Handwriting (5 minutes max) 
  • Handwriting Without Tears

    IMG 9147

***More than pressing that she read fluently or that she instinctively understand arithmetic, I prioritize and strengthen her ability to FOCUS. It is what we CM moms call The Habit of Attention. It is my overarching aim for the early years (and beyond). I consider it an academic goal because it is the habit that will assist  most, not just in future academic performance, but also in aspects of direct and indirect learning. I've seen first hand how it makes all the difference: when listening to a story, when doing piano lessons, when solving a math problem, when sketching nature study finds etc. etc. etc.

***Habit of attention PLUS Habit of Excellence THROUGH short lessons make it possible and somewhat stress-free :) 

***I repeat, short lessons!! (More about this amazing “tool” next time) 


  1. Thank you for sharing, Gina! I'm now preparing for my son's lessons. This will surely of great help. Hopefully, I'll be ready by September when he turns 6.

  2. Enjoyed seeing how you structure a kindergarten year! Thank you for sharing!