Bellelli Family, Edgar Degas


Term 1 ARTIST STUDY: Edgar Degas, (French, 1834-1917)

The Bellelli family Edgar Degas

{5 minutes with The Bellilli Family by Degas}

Random observations of the kids (with no questions to prompt them):

are they girls servants? oh no. it’s called The Bellelli Family.. They are a family

is that a painting on the wall?

it looks like a painting but it’s really a mirror

it’s reflecting the candle

also reflecting a painting and a window

what’s that on the side of the mirror?

there’s a door or a walkway on the left… and you’ll see a vase

there’s a ring on the lady’s hand

they look serious

there is a mole on the lady’s cheek if you look closely

the girls have white earrings

the clothes of the ladies are “puffy"

i think it is cold there a little because of the way they dress.. they even have a fireplace.

is the dad working?

there’s a cat or a dog near the chair of the father

what is that hole for? (chair)

the desk is small

the painting maybe his friend? no.. it might be family..or maybe a painting of the father when he was younger

what’s that yellow circle on the table?


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