Impromptu Break

We took a break this week to create, play, sow and sew, read stories, do oral math, and just "chill". I am also using this unusual abundance of  free time to organize the homeschool room, box away twaddle books, catch up on my feedly reader, and plan out my gardening/sewing/crochet projects.
The decision, really, to have this impromptu break started with these goodies that I got over the weekend: new fabric, yarn (I’m all about doilies nowadays), soil, seeds, potting containers, new plants and succulents. 


Our excuse? We’re prepping the house for summer! 


We start off with Arugula, Cilantro, Pechay and Heirloom Tomatoes.

We are also rearranging the plants. Adding more blooms and succulents to the mix.


These are seedlings from heirloom tomatoes that were given to us a few weeks ago. We gathered the fresh seeds after chopping and using the tomatoes for Sinigang. We then planted them on a random pot (actually, a toy pail turned into a pot) that had fern in it.

To our surprise, it germinated and grew :)

We used inexpensive plastic crates lying around in our house as their temporary home. First, we got a regular garbage plastic bag, placed holes in it with scissors, then dumped rich soil and gently transferred the seedlings. 


With just the right amount of TLC, we are left to wait and see. 


Meanwhile, this. :)

IMG 9222 Fotor




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