Here Comes the Sun

day 7 since it all started. we have been stuck indoors because of sickness. the virus attacked each and everyone of us. 

after days of raining, the sun finally came out and welcomed us to recovery. the children and i were literally right at the door but i knew we have not fully recovered, and had to say no to the invite. i wouldn’t want another round of sickness. instead, we did the next best thing: we painted with the Beatles playing in the background. 

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i get really anxious whenever the kids get sick. i am just glad it’s over.

thank You. 

   that my husband and i survived sleepless nights of monitoring the kids.

   that the sickness bout is finally over (because we felt like it was gonna stay for good!).  

   that my husband, who felt the sickest, is now up and about.

   that there were no complications.

   that the thermometer is no longer needed.

   that we could get back to painting.

...thank You.


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