Paper Sloyd #4: Pinwheel


We just finished our 4th Paper Sloyd project: Pinwheel. 

Paper sloyd2 1

My eldest is getting the hang of it. He now knows how to carefully make a 6inch square. I try my best not to assist him. I just let the instructions guide him. 

Paper sloyd2 7


The instructions are quite simple but it definitely makes the child think.


Construct a square 6”x6”.

Draw lines from corner to corner.

Prick a hole in the center with a pin.

Fit a 1”inch square of gummed parquetry over the center - the corners touching the the diagonals.

Cut on the slanting lines to the parquetry.

Paper sloyd2 6

Paper sloyd2 5

Paper sloyd2 3

And with just 15-20 minutes, the child learns to listen attentively, attention to detail is built and accuracy is being trained. Simply Learning :)

Paper sloyd2 2


  1. What is gummed parquetry? We are trying to make this today from the ebook and have no idea what it is!

  2. Okay I'm going a bit crazy here. :)
    Your blog is the only thing online that comes up other than the sloyd book when I try to figure out what gummed parquetry is. It seems you used some from the pictures, or at least figured out something to use. Can you explain what it is and where to get it? Thank you!