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I’ve had success with 3 weeks of our "Baking/Cooking Mondays” here at home. What I mean by "success" is that it actually happened! I found out that secret was to just go ahead and do it and to keep it simple. I have a tendency to over plan things and the intricate and complex plans end up being postponed or worse, end up not being done at all. So instead of mulling over recipes at pinterest, pinning and stashing away links and pictures of mouth watering goodies, I looked at my pantry and just made do with what we had.

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I had to think about what the main objective of our Baking/Cooking Mondays was really about - and at this point it is simply to give the kids the opportunity to slice, pour liquid, mix, dice, scoop, measure, stir, dump ingredients, cut, stir, and just make a mess :). Another objective is for them to get used to preparing food. I’m not a natural baker/cook myself but I am amazed whenever I see dear mom, step dad, mother-in-law, big sister, a close friend, and dear husband do their magic in the kitchen.

Definitely a practical life skill. I think we should start them young.        

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One of the highlights for them was cracking an egg! Who would’ve thought? :)

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It’s scheduled every Monday after Tea Time. Tea Time is basically having special snacks after nap which is around 3 in the afternoon. After their snacking, we start pouring, measuring and stirring.

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It’s monday today. Once the kids wake up from nap, we’ll bake strawberry cake. Give us a few more weeks of establishing this routine and we’ll start trying those complicated looking goodies over at Pinterest. Starting with this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this… endless baking/cooking possibilities from Pinterest :)

Any recipe suggestions for us to try?

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Join us every Monday!

*Above: we made brownies, filipino fruit salad, rolled pancakes with banana and chocolate syrup.


Simply Learning afternoon schedule:

Mondays: Baking/Cooking

Tuesdays: Paper Sloyd

Wednesdays: Free Play

Thursdays: Mona Brooke’s Drawing with Children

Fridays: Nature Study/Journal


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