Morning Time: Wickedness and Sin


Was reading the story of Adam to the 6 year old for Morning Time from The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos

“God made Adam good. Adam did not do anything wrong. He knew only about goodness; he did not know anything about wickedness. God did not want him to know anything about being wicked."

The 6 year old’s reaction: 

“WHY?! It’s unfair!! Why do I know wickedness? Why do I know sin? Why does Adam only know goodness? That’s really unfair!"

A very good question. And quite interesting to know that he “knows” wickedness and sin. He’ll soon find out more after The Fall. 

**Meanwhile, he kept on thinking how amazing it was that there existed a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

(… A taste of what’s to come in Year 1. I have 1 more week to prepare for everything. We officially start February 3! All AO moms know and understand how excited I am.)


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