DIY Couch


It matters a lot that our house is a space where our kids can easily spill their legos and blocks. Where they are free to be creative and build forts and castles. A space invting enough to read or write quietly in a corner.

We searched for the right couch for months. The couches we saw were either too small, too modern, too rigid or too expensive for kids to enjoy. So the only way to have what we actually wanted was to make our own. I pulled out my sewing machine and stash of fabric, bought throw pillows and had cushions custom made at Uratex, and bought wooden pallets, that are not only sturdy, but also had the right look that we wanted.

The task was daunting. I wasn't exactly sure if we'd actually pull it off. But once every pillow case was sewn and zipper placed, cushions covered and the whole thing arranged, we were happy :)

Another DIY project by the Roldans...


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