Lesson Plan for the 3 year old



My 3 year old, Ilaya, has been begging for "sit down work" just like kuya/big brother. I am not good nor inclined to do pre-school "lessons". I've mentioned before that I tried doing the whole "lesson plan" route with the eldest but it just didn't click with us. It felt contrived given our learning set-up. My eldest started late with sit down work. I didn't push it nor did I prioritize it. It was slow. Meaty but slow. And I can say that the "better-late-than-early" worked well given his appetite for learning at present.  Now, what to do with Ilaya's "school time"?


I am writing this post to remind myself that "Pre-school" for me is going out, spending hours and hours outdoors, exploring the small and the big, it is reading aloud great children's books (not twaddle), and most of all, it is "laying down the rails" or cultivating habits, with obedience and attention as priority.

There, now I'm reminded. It's clearer now.

Given the objectives of habit training, outdoor or nature exploration and great read alouds.. what would be in line? First is first, habit of obedience. This little one is quite challenging but I see progress. One day at a time, a moment at a time.. Obedience should be understood. For outdoor/nature exploration, we are starting our vegetable garden. She is very eager to dig soil, plant seeds and water the greens. There is so much to see and learn with growing your own garden. We are all excited! Lastly, read aloud time. It has always been part of daily routine but I think I have to be more intentional about reading the right material for her. Again, no twaddle.

Another thing I'm working on is re-arrangeing our schedule and making a point to do Alab's 1 hour sit down work while the 2 younger ones are napping. That would probably help Ilaya take her mind off of "school work". I'm sure some of you are puzzled why I just don't teach Ilaya. I do teach her the usual ABC's and 123's etc etc, but just like how it was with my eldest then, I don't prioritize it at this stage. Her attention is still not developed and I know that if I continue on, it would just frustrate her. And that is why I steer away from it. Still waiting for the right moment. She's 3, why hurry?

Tea time is also part of her day. With tea time, there is poetry, knowing a bible verse, hymns, picture study and classical music. I will add in more art activities and handicraft work.


I can't believe she's 3 already!

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