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Meanwhile, books are keeping me company during downtime. I started the year with The Spirit of Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives By Dallas Willard. It's one heavy, intense book. There is so much to soak in that I decided to re-tell through my own words just so I'm sure that I've captured the authors point. The
habit of re-telling or narrating back through writing is slowly progressing. So far, the habit has helped me process Willard's thoughts and has helped me own the new information. With such rich content, I plan on writing on and learn from great minds and hearts like his.

But I had to take a break so I pulled out Persuasion by Jane Austen from the shelf. Now, one can never go wrong with Austen. This is the first time I read Persuasion. It was a delight. I'm happy my husband bought me all of Austen's books in clothbound designed by Coralie Smith. It adds to the charm of Austen's words.

I resumed with Willard's book and continued narrating but had to take a break *again* (excuses. excuses.) because of Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. I've never heard of this book until it was mentioned in the AO forum. They chose it for the next book discussion which will start end of April. I went on and bought a copy and read it in a week. I coudn't put it down. It was a fun read. Stress free. Something that I needed. Given that it was written in 1900 something, I expected it to be, well, written in a much difficult 'language'. But I realized that not all *old* books are difficult to read :) Or maybe 1900's is not considered 'old'. Anyway, I can't say much about it's literary quality nevertheless it was a fun adventure book. Reminded me of Zorro and Batman.

So I'm back with Willard and I'm determined to finish it before I pick up a new book.

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