Year 0.5 Term 1 plan

Like I said, we officially started our Year 0.5 the other day. It's a term used to describe "kinder" in AO language. This is more structured than year 0. So I simply added more to the guide I made last year. But mind you, only 45 minutes of desk work for the day is best. Yes, a lot can be accomplished in 45 minutes if the child is trained with the habit of attention and excellence (we are doing our best to get there). I've seen first hand of the advantage of using short lessons. 5-10 minute lesson/reading per subject, at this stage, gives the child the opportunity to do each task excellently and not fall into frustration.

I chose not to jump to year 1 because I know it's best to delay a little. {Better late than early} The plan is to officially start year 1 when he turns 6.5 years old. (January 2014)

I planned and organized our schedule based on the experience and expertise of the AO ladies. Here is the over all plan for term 1 that will run 12 weeks total.

Here is a rough draft of our Weekly schedule:

Will add to this post tomorrow and explain about the books and materials I chose for our Year 0.5

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