Leon Andreo's Dedication and First Birthday Celebration

Our youngest, Leon Andreo, just had his first year. A milestone. A reminder of how time flies. The rapid changes of growth within a year makes one realize how precious moments can be. At the end of the day, these moments are all we have.

We all try to take this "parenting" thing seriously. Giving our best. But we sometimes fail, in the small and even in the big. It can be tough. But my comfort and real hope is knowing that these little people are His.

We parents are but stewards, called to rear only for a fraction of their lives. We bathe, feed, discipline and guide, but only as servants, hoping to lead them to Him.

And so, we dedicate *this* time we have with Leon, to Him who gave. That by His grace, we can parent in His name.


Happy 1st birthday, bunso.

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