Rest and Beauty

A retreat from daily routine, to see a better perspective of the year. After all, these were the last days of 2012. What better way to reflect on the past year than to get away with family and spend days with no particular agenda but rest and beauty.

The drive away from the city, with our kids all geared up for vacation and our car packed with all that we need, is in itself very satisfying. The look in our faces was picture perfect, all excited with the idea of 4 days of rest, fun and change of scenery. Thank you, Lolon and Larita, for this gift of rest and beauty.

Highlights of the trip:

We were brought to this private cove. Imagine *this* as your backyard. And it literally was our friend's backyard! I still can't get over how you can walk a few steps from your home and be greeted with all *this*. It was all to ourselves that afternoon. We felt at home with the silence, the sound of water and the lush greens.    

kids kayaking with Tatay

Alab tags a long to fish with a local.

Alab collecting shells

With Lolon (grandfather), fishing is always part of rest. My eldest agrees. Ever since he first held a fishing rod, he was determined that he would someday catch a fish. He knows the secret to catching: one has to be patient and be very very quiet. For a 5 year old kid who moves a lot, to see him sit quietly under the sun, patiently waiting, was priceless.

And there he was, reminding everyone to keep quiet so as not to drive away the fish...

Suddenly, a tug on the line! His first catch!

He had no qualms eating it.
I, on the other hand, felt like keeping it as a pet.

We also went to the zoo! It was a full packed afternoon of animals! They got to feed a camel :)

Tatay and the kids swam almost everyday, doing flips up in the air. This went on and on, and the kids loved it!

What better way to end a trip than to see and actually touch dolphins? Perfect transition to 2013 :) 

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