Rainbow party for the 3 year old :)

First, I had to check the right colors of the rainbow. I kept singing the rainbow song to myself. Trying to figure out if pink is part of it. Lo and behold, the rainbow song is incorrect! I had to double check through the ever reliable, google. Well, we didn't actually stick with ROYGBIV since I always get confused with Blue, Indigo and Violet. So I pretended that Indigo didn't exist. Made things much easier *wink* :)

Once Ilaya and I decided that it will be a rainbow party, I was on the look out for anything that had the ROYGBIV colors. Apparently, there's not much. The only piece of 'rainbow' that I saw was the small tissue that gave the perfect rainbow touch to the 'plate' that I 'designed'. Therefore, a lot of cutting & glueing for this party. It was a treat to do it all for our little girl.

Tradition #1: Tatay Makes the Pinata.
Remember the Lego Pinata? and Butterfly? Truth is, I was actually worried that hubby won't be able to pull it off.
But through his ingenious ways, super power focus, and with the help, of course, of duct tape - it pulled through. Never fails how he amazes me. He set a 'trap' on each end. Engineered it in such a way that the goodies will fall from each cloud by pulling a string. aahhmazing.

Tradition#2: Nanay Bakes the Cake/Cupcakes.
This cake was 'rainbow' through and through. I love designing children's cakes. Fondant = Play-doh for mommies :)

Additional DIY rainbows: Rainbow Jello, Rainbow Sprinkles on white choco, Rainbow 'plate', Rainbow cupcake toppers.

Though Ilaya didn't feel so well that day, I know she loved and appreciated every color that's there to see.
Happy 3rd birthday, Ilaya.

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