Grace upon Grace...

I start my first hour with Him.
Through His Word and in prayer, I grappled to see the blessings; pushing myself through writing. He points me to the small. To the moments that might mean nothing at first glance, but each telling a story of grace. I check the hundreds of moments in my iphoto library. Chronologically arranged, the pictures show a story. That time we drove to our first camping trip. Those weeks we tried to pack everything in balikbayan boxes that seemed big yet so little in comparison to the task. That day when my youngest first stood, when my eldest blew candles for his fifth and my second blooming right before my eyes. Some pictures made my eyes watery, a lot made me laugh out loud, but most, if not all, helped me understand that I am part of a story. A story that looks to glorify Him, in the highs and the lows, in weakness and in strength.

I've been given grace, not in small doses, but in full measure.
My heart overflows.

*snippets of our July*

*...our August*

*...and our September*

Grace upon grace...

*camping trip before we left.
*moms' night out.
*curious son.
*homemade birthday cakes.
*being 5.
*self-healing trees.
*beauty in nature.
*Les Miserables on my birthday.
*energy for 3 kids.
*walking barefoot.
*goodbye until-we-meet-again party.
*home country.
*my kids asleep.
*safe journey home.
*play dates.
*new friends.
*not lost in translation.
*Sundays with family.
*UP shopping center :)
*winter melon milk tea.
*energy to bake.
*Jane Eyre keeping me company.
*street food.
*my dear kids.
*my dear husband.

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