Vintage Airplane Cake for dear Bosco

One way to adjust to change is to keep busy and bake :) Anything that involves chocolate is a good distraction. Don't you think so? :)

I was commissioned by my friend, Mai, to bake a cake and 100 cupcakes for the Christening of her son, Bosco. I immediately said yes to her request not realizing that I'm not ready for such a big task. It is one thing to bake a cake for your own kids but an entirely different experience if it's for someone else. Way too much pressure!

Careful planning was done weeks prior but the climate here in the Philippines was not something I took into consideration. Good thing my sister-in-law, Elcid, was there to help me with all the mixing, baking, sculpting and kneading. Most of all, she was there to calm my nerves whenever an idea or recipe did not work. My ever supportive husband took charge of making the airplane; he made sure that it was proportioned and that it would actually stand/sit on the cake.

I slept sound asleep night before the event. I was excited to place the fondant clouds to the main cake and add few final touches. Instead, I woke up to a melting cake! Chocolate fudge and icing oozing from the sides. It was a disaster! I called the best kusinera I know, Lara; my friend since grade school. The only friend I have who actually did all her projects excellently in our home economics class :) She immediately arrived that morning and helped save the cake. (thank you, dear.)


Nothing beats creating and giving your all for someone special.

"Blue Skies" always, Bosco.

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