Amateur Homeschooler

I usually lurk around the internet to find out the latest homeschool trend and I admit to the pull of what is popular.  I dream about the pre-packaged  curriculum, the new enrichment class and the "best" reading list.  But after careful assessment, I always come back to the philosophy of Charlotte Mason through Ambleside Online.  I am happy and grateful that I've been led to a philosophy that both my husband and I are confident and passionate about.  With all the endless options for homeschoolers these days, amateur homeschool moms like me tend to buy or choose the latest materials, book lists or classes but end up unhappy, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Through years of reading and searching for "the right one" (I've been reading about home education even before I got married), I've learned that it shouldn't be a matter of simply shopping what looks to be the best curriculum, but understanding the rationale or the "why's" behind how and what I will eventually teach.  After understanding the "why's", I think it is essential to love it with confidence.

Be it Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Montessori, Waldorf or whatever else is out there, I think it is important to know that philosophy than simply jump in.  Knowing the philosophy gives me a framework to work on and not be dependent on a curriculum or lesson plan to think for me.

I'm now more confident in my choice to use Ambleside Online.  In fact, I'm in love with it and so is my husband.

From someone who used to borrow all the books recommended to read to kids, I've finally learned to cherish one book at a time with them.  From someone who tried to follow what other moms are doing, I've learned to listen and really get to know my children instead.

I've finally learned to ask "How will my children learn to love learning?"


Next: I have to know more about Math! I am so clueless. I can handle anything with letters but definitely not with numbers. As I mentioned in my other post, we are currently using MEP. But I think I have to learn more about Math - to learn to think Mathematically and maybe even learn to love it (???). Is that possible? I have no idea if I could do it at this age but it's worth a try.

I'm educating myself through Living Math.

Any Mathematicians out there? Help please.

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