Trip to the Woods

December always does go by too quickly. It is that 1 month in the year that is crammed with too much of everything. I had all these jotted plans for the Christmas season - Jesse Tree tradition, daily Christmas devotions with the kids, handmade gifts and decorations, cooking/baking new dishes, family pictorial, family newsletter... and the list goes on. But with baby #3 on the way and family from other countries/states coming over for 3 weeks, I realized I had to scrap my plans by the 2nd day of December and decided to "rest" this Christmas season. So I bought all the gifts and did not make one single handmade present. I used the decors of last year. I enjoyed every dish that I didn't prepare. I just enjoyed each moment with family and turned my back on the pressure I usually put on myself.

I decided not to be "Martha" and it had reminded me of what matters in the end. Not my ever growing to-do's but time spent and conversations with the people I love are what matters. Ministering by being present in relationships. Giving glory to Him.


Just days before celebrating Christmas, we all slipped off to the woods, rented cabins and just 'chilled (as my nephews and nieces would say).

Good food, hot coco, sound of nature and being with loved ones.. priceless :)

**This was taken days before Christmas. Baby #3 still in tummy when we went to the woods but I gave birth a week later :) His name is Leon Andreo born on December 31 at 2:33 am. Will post more about him soon :)

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