Thinking Love

This has been on my mind all throughout the week:

"Mothers owe a thinking love to their children
...what is demanded of her is -- a thinking love."

                                                          - Charlotte Mason (Home Education, p.2)

The thought pops up in the middle of encouraging my eldest, disciplining my toddler and even nursing my infant at 3 in the morning. "Thinking love": I try to visualize and internalize it since it doesn't come as naturally as I'd like it to be. It takes much effort and discipline, at least for this mama.

There are days when I hardly think. Days when I'd rather curl up and go through the day half asleep. It is quite a task. It's been difficult. There are good and bad days. I did/do not know half of what I was/am doing. I just went/go along trying to figure it all out.

Thinking love..
Thinking Love..
Thinking Love..
I mumble it to myself while changing diapers, stirring the pot and snuggling with my kids.
It has sort of become a mantra this past week :)

Leon Andreo
26 days

I wake to serve and to love
but only through and by His grace.
Without which, I'd be hopeless.

Thank You for the pouring Grace.

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