Gina's got her goove back!

When everything was going smoothly with our homeschool routine of nature studying, messy art making, picnic lunches, music and art awareness, lovely read alouds, monitored habit training... all of a sudden it went downhill.

I went through severe morning sickness and everything else that goes with being pregnant in the 1st trimester. Emotional ups and downs, no energy, and mostly just in a bad mood. It didn't help that we were scheduled to move to another place right at the peak of my vomiting days. It also did not help that while all these were happening, I experienced vertigo that made the room seem to spin every time I tilted my head. It was awful.

When I am unproductive, I easily become cynical. I was already thinking that it will never get better. That my children will suffer because they have a mom who didn't even have energy to play with them.

But after 3 months of hiding in my cave... I slowly came back :) I did what I can with what was left of summer. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby boy. Loving the transition from summer to fall - I see and feel it around me, as well as within me.

It reminded me of the discussions we had one summer with other moms... That seasons are there for a reason. 

shot taken on my 31st birthday by my dear husband
July 30, 2011
17 weeks pregnant w/ baby #3

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