Lego Party Preparations (Alab turned 4)

My son asked 2 things for his 4th birthday:
a lego cake
a bird house.

Busy hands, both big and small...
mixing, scooping, measuring, baking,
creating, cutting, glueing...

I used my tape measure to make sure the Lego cake was proportionally and dimensionally correct
Although it may not have been the best looking cake, it was, at least in my opinion, the yummiest I've made.
Hubby used the tip of a meat thermometer to draw the "smile" of the Lego heads
(because it was the first pointy thing he could get his hands on).
One Lego head was missing an eye. He shall therefore be a pirate!
The paper shredder was handy.
Duct tape solves anything!
Lego pinata a-la-tug of war!


The 4 year old boy was happy :)

(**we are still working on the bird house. )

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