Eureka! Ambleside Wisdom (difference between Will and Willful)

Someone was asking about the difference between Will and being Willful that was mentioned in Volume 6 of Charlotte Mason's book.

An Ambleside mom, named Wendi wrote in reply:

This insight was, to me, one of the most profoundly life changing things I read in Mason's work.

To put it succinctly as possible (for me),

A child who truly has a strong will, can will himself to behave well.

A willful child, the sort of child we mistakenly call "strong willed" is actually at the mercy of his own whims and emotions. He is weak willed, because he cannot control his behavior. He wants what he wants now and he can no more will himself to be patient and wait than he can give himself the moon, because a willful child has no power of will.

Our job is to help the willful child see that he is letting his emotions and desires, his will, control him, and that his job is to take mastery of his own emotions and behavior. We are to help him strengthen his will so that he can develop the strength of will to control himself. 

This nugget of wisdom has encouraged me tremendously. What do you think?

**I have been blessed to be part of the Ambleside Yahoogroups years before I even decided on Homeschooling. I've learned so much from other homeschooling moms in this forum. I feel like I am in a conference "listening" to very intelligent and very insightful women (and men) everyday.
**I will try and post more Eureka moments from these women to share to you all.

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