Happy fathers day!

I always get this certain reaction when I mention that I'm expecting my 3rd baby. Most people do not understand why I even consider having more than 2 kids. Times are hard, they say. It's not practical. It's just tough especially without a yaya (nanny). Yes, I see why it's tough. It is. No doubt about it.

But joy outweighs the fear. 

I don't fear being a nanay of maybe 4 or 5 mainly because I am blessed to have Reiner as their tatay.

The tatay who always keeps his promises to his 3 year old son.
The tatay who would take time to play even if tired.
The tatay who knows parenting is not about 'giving in' but also about saying 'no'.
The tatay who takes his role seriously.
The tatay who parents in love and authority.
The tatay who sees our children for who they are... not planning to change them or mold them into someone else.
The tatay who knows that discipline is a must (even if it's heartbreaking).
The tatay who loves and respects his wife.
The tatay who knows that these children are not his, but ultimately HIS. 
The tatay who knows that he can't parent without HIS grace.

The kind of tatay, I'm sure, my son would want to be.
The kind of tatay, I'm sure, my daughter would want to marry.

Happy fathers day!
We love you.

I've read parenting books since day 1 but I learned most of what I know about loving kids from this man.


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