Tiny Toes

I have a thing for feet. Baby feet that is. I look at the tiny toes of Ilaya and am bewildered with the fact that it was a few centimeters smaller months ago.  I noticed this while I rocked back and forth on our red chair with her on my lap.

Time flies.
Too fast.

The last 3 years have been quite uneventful. A typical day would be like this:
wake up
play w/ kids
park or library
nap time for kids
"me" time (either reading or crafting)
Sinta arrives
kids goof around with Tatay
clean up
sleep time for kids
date with Sinta (at the living room)
sleep time for us at 10

My day is as simple as that and its been 3 years of just that. Trip to the mall is almost impossible. 2 hours at Target would be a treat. An afternoon at Starbucks by myself would be an event! :)

My heart complained at times but the day would lead me back to tiny toes that remind me of my role. Tiny toes that remind me of how time works. The second hand will keep going and I will miss it if I keep focusing on 'tomorrow'. I will miss a moment if I don't pause. It seems time ticks slower when I take notice of the little things; When I don't rush to get things done and instead live in each moment.

I look at Alab's face and see a different phase in his little boy life. His eyes more expressive and curious than ever. His little mouth surprising us with his observations and eloquent dialogues with himself. His growing mind astounding us with stories and few found facts. And of course his never ending question "why?" to every possible scenario.

I look at Ilaya quietly observing a tiny leaf or dirt on her hand.  She loves the sun and being outdoors. She would climb play structures for older toddlers with no fear and rush down the slide, head first. She dances like crazy when she hears any type of rhythmic sound. She copies her brother by flipping through books.

They adore each other. Oh how I am satisfied by just looking at them hug each other. My heart flutters.

I look at his toes - no longer are they tiny. But still small.
I look at her toes - no longer of an infant. But tiny still.


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