About Me

My new 'About my Slippers' page to give a better picture of the things I love and what I'm passionate about.

Hi there :)

I'm Gina.
Proud wife of Sinta.
Nanay (mom) to Alab and Ilaya.
Never thought I'd stay home.
But I'm glad I did/do.

Bits and pieces of me...

I'm passionate about:
Christ. The Word.
my husband.
parenting. reading. learning.
journaling. creating.

I'm Filipina.
missing Manila.
the people
and endless coffee dates.

I collect hobbies.
I try to learn something new every year.
I sew. knit. bake. crochet.
I journal.
I read A LOT.
And so I never get bored.

I'm not good in/with:
grammar. math. writing.
diets. exercise.

I treasure (my):
books. journals. writing materials.
paper. fabric. yarn. paint.
nursing bib. le creuset. time magazine.

P.S. Every Nanay (mother) needs a pair of slippers.. to click away when she needs it.

Dei Gratia.


Next: must change the thumbnail "School at Home" on the left side of my blog. Still thinking of the right word/s to capture what we do around here.

*photo was taken by my husband first year of our marriage.


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