Picture book for me

I made a commitment to read at least 3 classics in a year (hopefully more when things are settled around here) and naturally Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan was in my to read list. I started reading it September of last year but never got pass the 1st chapter. My brain couldn't process the words :) Not because of lack of sleep. It just wasn't "my" language. Brain cells are just not in its prime condition when days are filled with diaper changing, nursing and toddler chasing.

But last night I saw this at the library at the juvenile section:

Pilgrim's Progress made into a picture book retold and shortened by Mary Godolphin and illustrated by Robert Lawson. A watered down version made just for me while I nurse back my dying brain cells :)

So homeschool moms with toddlers planning on a classical education or Charlotte Mason bent: This is a good start before the unabridged :)


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