Book Club: Humility by Andrew Murray

There is so much work to do here at the house but just needed to slip in a post about a book I'm currently reading. For some months now, I've been wanting to find some material on several topics. One of which is  HUMILITY. Why this? Because I struggle with it and think that it would do me good to learn more about it. My husband says I think too much and that I'm too hard on myself but the NEED to learn more about this has been nagging me. I don't think it can be dealt with a self help book nor a booklet with specific steps. Its the state of the heart more than anything and I need something to teach my heart.  

The background of the author and the time the book was written matters a lot to me. These are the two factors that help me kind of decide which books to read nowadays. With these 2 factors at the back of my head - I was led to this book Humility: The Journey toward Holiness by Andrew Murray. The author is a South African Pastor in the 1800's. His elegant words slow me down. It doesn't allow me to rush and simply read a chapter but helps me take in the words with more thought. I tend to skim through pages and in the process lose sight of the heart of a paragraph. That is why this type of "language" works for me. It doesn't give me an opportunity to speed read :)

This book has blessed me with new & profound insight.  Coupled with our study of the 7 churches addressed in Revelation (at PBCC) and own study of Galatians - early mornings have been fruitful.

I will *try* and post my thoughts on the book these coming weeks and pretend that I'm in a virtual book club. (I've always wanted to join a book club). Want to join in?

* Just saw from our church bulletin that a couple of women are discussing this book at our church end of April. I guess I'm officially going to be part of a book club :)


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