Essential: Quiet Time

There is that time of the month when I want to give up. When things are just not going as planned. When every little thing annoys distracts me.

The house is a mess.
I don't feel like brushing my hair.
I just want to sit and not move.
Energy is low.
Didn't get enough sleep.
My heart is complaining.
Its also worrying.
I am not present.

I decide to wake up earlier today. The sun hasn't risen. I quietly walk being careful not to let the floor creak. I sit on my red chair - with my pen, journal and the Word. I take the Words in. I pour the words out. I listened.

I just needed time to be fed. To be nourished.

I clean the house.
Brushed my hair and even put some lip gloss on.
Baked blueberry muffins.
Played mud with the kids.
My heart is calm.
Its not worrying.
I am present.


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