31 Things about him on his 31st

I wrote 28 "thank you's" on his 28th you can read here.
I'm still smitten.
Deeply blessed because my hand holds his.

Here's 31 things you may not know about him on his 31st :)

1. He serves with his heart. Rarely does he do things merely out of obligation.
2. When he cooks for you, helps you or does anything for you - hope you see his sincere heart.
3. He would always give his best to serve.
4. He has a heart for children. Its not only his job - it's his calling.
5. He talks their language. If only you knew how much they matter to him.
6. Not only does he understand and talk "kids" language. His heart is like of a child as well.
7. He may often forget stuff. But when he is focused - he gets the job done excellently.
8. He hates paper work :)
9. He reads to his son almost every night with a British accent.
10. If you want to make him happy - give him anything sports related.
11. He is very observant and somehow sees everything.
12. But for some reason he doesn't see my extra pounds.
13. He sees beauty in unexpected places.
14. When he says you are beautiful - he means it. Not just plain 'ol physical beauty - he sees beyond that.
15. You can have him baby sit your kids. They are gonna have a blast with blocks, boxes and whatever he finds lying around.
16. If he had another career - he would be a surgeon, an engineer or a chef.
17. He is not afraid of blood. He was there holding my hand when I gave birth to our 2 babies. He saw everything. What a man!
18. There is no one else who knows me in and out.
19. We not only finish each others sentences. We also finish each others dish with the right amount of spice.
20. He loves and deeply appreciates his parents.
21. You can count on him when it comes to tough decisions.
22. He does this really weird dance and sing really weird songs.
23. Our children adore him.
24. Alab often stands by the window and waits until he arrives from work.
25. Ilaya does this dance when she hears the key trying to open the front
door. She knows its Tatay on the other side and smiles like crazy :)
26. He is happiest (besides playing sports) when we are all together in our living room just lounging around.
27. He would hug us and say: "I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world my nest is best"
28. He looks at me as if I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. I guess he really loves me :)
29. He looks forward to what HE has in store for him.
30. He knows that his family is in the palm of HIS hands. He tries not to worry.
31. His faith is solid. A real, almost tangible, relationship with Christ. I see it day to day.

Happy birthday Sinta.
love you.

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