Alab turns 3!

Our little boy just turned 3! He likes crayons, doodling, painting and basically just making a mess with colors. That's why we decided to give him a crazy color party at the park with his little buddies from church :)

My husband and I enjoyed planning the party. We easily get excited about these things. I had a few themes in mind for the party but it seems like Alab is particularly in the colorful messy stage. The party had to have mess colors involved.

The kids liked painting their pots

but I think they enjoyed throwing these water balloons (w/ paint) more :) which my hubby patiently filled with water and paint - all 200 of them.

I told myself I would bake my kids birthday cakes starting this year. This is actually my first time to make a cake. It was hard but I had so much fun making this 13x18 inch crayola box cake! I slept at 3am trying to finish it. Good thing my hubby was there to help me. He made the letters, number 3 and those green stripes with fondant. I am so proud of him! and am proud of myself for actually making something so beautiful and yummy at the same time :)

This is just one of the joys and perks of parenting :)

Click here for more pictures of the party and to see what they did to the water balloons. Happy viewing!

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