Happy Thoughts

Making sure that a day or week ends with happy thoughts and gratitude.
Always re-thinking why I am and should be thankful.
Happy thoughts to help keep me grounded, appreciative, humble and not in want.

My recent happy thoughts:

***Waking up in the morning and seeing the subtle changes in our Ilaya.
Babies tansform during the night. Look at our miswa now

Grateful to have pretty little eyes stare into my own tired ones.


*** Leaving Alab for his quiet time/nap time.. he calls me and shows off
his work of art

Grateful to have a little boy with such passion and
curiosity. Reminds me to let go, have fun and enjoy Nanay-ing.


*** Seeing how eager Alab always is to kiss and hug his ading (younger sibling).
My heart melts…
I have one who is so ready to be a kuya (big brother) and another who doesn’t want to be smothered.
happy thoughts indeed...

Grateful for how cuddle moments give so much more worth to
tired days.


*** I cooked 1 pot of Filipino Menudo!

Grateful for simple-frozen-feel-good meals that lessen cooking for the week.


*** Being married to this guy for 5 years now…

Grateful for a man who

sees me,

leads me,

loves me…

I give thanks to Thee…

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