Its Friday morning. Can’t believe that the week is about to end.

It was just Monday.. did anybody else notice how quick that went?

There are no meaningful words written for the week. My Journal lay empty with only grocery lists, errands, to-do’s. Had no time to sit and quiet down.

In the midst of my mind running through and fro with all my to-do’s – I’ve been thinking of Lent. Thinking and pondering on how I could prepare my heart; to keep silent and listen more. Lent is already half way through but I feel a need to take the plunge and remind myself of what He did by reading the Words again. My husband challenged me to forgo reading my library books (of which I had just borrowed) and instead use those few times of quiet to read and pray on the things that really matter. My husband knows me. He knows what hurts me. Simple as it may seem for others, but taking away my books is one thing that hurts. It is one of my few ways to escape.

And so I shall immediately return my books to the library and read The Book instead. I choose John’s account to read this year. I look at my notes and see how its been 9 years since I last read the whole of what John witnessed. The Story is the same but my heart isn’t. I start reading in prayer today…

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