Just an hour

My status: Gina is still sane but just needs an hour a day for herself.

The two kids are taking their nap and I’m here trying to write something to update this blog of mine that no one really reads With two kids now I barely have time to write, read, or keep still. There is always something that needs to be done. Like cleaning, planning the meal, plan toddler activities, breastfeed, pumping, playdates at the park, cooking, talk to hubby, hold crying baby or trying to understand  my toddler. I miss those days when I had the time to leisurely read and write in my journal. I try not to complain. I shouldn’t. I am blessed. I have 2 kiddos that make my head spin but I am blessed. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in the world right now nor be anyone “important”. I’d rather be with my kids in my messy yet comfy house and be the most important person to them. (Reiner and I are definitelty their super heroes).

In an attempt to blog about anything – these are what naturally came out. I need my ruby slippers.

My bunso (youngest child) is now whimpering.

I shall post about her soon. Her kuya (big brother) loves her and often kisses and hugs her. See? I wouldn’t want to miss out on those moments. I just need an hour.. thats all

Now time to bfeed miswa :)

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