Birth Story: Ilaya Daniele

*** written by my dear husband, Reiner :)


Physical - low abdominal cramps, backache… Low chance of membranes rupturing (call doctor/ midwife if membranes rupture). Emotional - confusion about whether this is labor or not, mixed feelings…” says our birthing teacher about the early stages of labor. But the thing is, this was exactly how she had been feeling for the past 2 weeks! So I’ve been anxiously trying to cram my preparation for her giving birth. And then, around 4:00 AM on the 11th of January, she says,“Reiner, I’m sure. There’s something happening.” And judging by the tone of her voice, something was definitely happening!

Baby bags – check! Exercise/birthing ball – check! Massaging oil – check! CDs (that I had made) containing relaxing music that were handpicked by her – check! We’re set! Upon arriving at the hospital, I brought her straight to the birthing room. I decided to leave our things in the car and come back for them right after dropping her off. Her contractions were getting stronger and “more noticeable”. And, as you may have already guessed, I never got to get back to the car!

I was able to request for an exercise/birthing ball and I saved the oh-so-soothing and relaxing music on my phone (in case things like this would happen). Ha! I did come prepared! I turn on the music with the volume just right and slowly approached her. She immediately turns to me saying, “I don’t wanna hear anything!!” So that’s that. I finally figured to just let go of all our expectations of what it was going to be like and just take things as they come.

When we arrived at the hospital, she was taking the contractions without much discomfort. However, after a couple of hours, things did get more serious. As contractions got more painful, we started to use the methods we learned to relieve the pain; using different positions while contracting and even a warm shower.

We were trying to go all-natural so at 8 cm dilation, without an epidural or any pain medication, contractions were now very painful. She could no longer get out off the bed because of the pain. During contractions, we used the different breathing patterns. As taught by our birthing teacher, I told her to use a low voice during the contractions. And did she use it! From the outside, it may have sounded like we brought a cow in our room! But I didn’t care and nor did she! I say, “Moo! Moo like you’ve never mooed before!!” In fear for my life, this, of course, was something I only said within the deepest recesses
of my mind :).

Things got even more painful and she seemed to be at her threshold. There was a point when she said she couldn’t take it anymore. She asked for some pain reliever to take the edge off the pain. This helped her get a 5-10 minute rest. As the effects of the pain reliever wore off, she almost immediately requested for another dose. However, she was to be allowed the next only after a certain period of time. This was where I think I really had to show her as much support as I can. There was a time when I wanted to shout as she twisted my fingers beyond their capacity. But nooo. Not even the president would dare break her concentration.

Upon the request for the second dose of pain relievers, the nurse called the doctor to check if baby was coming. And she was! No time for meds any longer. It was time to push! Then came baby’s head! And quickly after, her entire body! How it was possible is something I’ll be asking God when I meet Him. While Gina, she’d probably be more interested on why :).

Our little Ilaya Daniele Guerrero Roldan was finally born 6 pounds 9 ounces on the 11th of January 2010 at exactly 10:00 AM. My little daughter is beautiful. But will never be more beautiful than my wife who bore and had just gave birth to her. I am very proud of my Gina.

- When the time comes, there is a proper way of “pushing”. You should push along with the contractions from within. Being her first time to really feel the pushing (and most probably because she wanted the baby out as soon as possible), she initially pushed shouting - letting a lot of energy get misdirected towards her face. This caused the small capillaries on her face to rupture as you could see in the pictures. During those screaming episodes she made facial expressions that I had never seen in my entire life! It was going to be over soon and I wanted to jokingly say, “Who are you and what have you done to my wife?!” :) But again, I could not, would not in fear of having to be confined in the hospital myself! :)

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