Handmade is always a Delight

Since I learned to sew I started
having dreams of sewing the perfect gift for friends and family (for all
occasions) but of course I don’t think that’s possible with all the
cooking, cleaning and nanay-ing I have to prioritize (I don’t even get
to read as much as i want to anymore). Anyway – just wanted to say I
failed to sew for friends and family again this Christmas since I got so
obsessed with sewing stuff  for my baby girl and busy thinking of how
I’ll keep sane once this little one arrives :) So to my loved ones.. its the thought that
counts right? :P

But look what my friend, Thuy, made for me!!! :) Well, not really for me but for my little

Isn’t it adorable?? :) Makes me want to learn to crochet and knit.
She said it took her approximately an hour to crochet those tiny shoes
and around 4 hours to make the matching hat. And she has 3 kids (and
another one on the way)! How does she do it???? This mom and many others
I know help me see that I can be the best Nanay to my kids, best wife
to my Sinta and at the same time make my friends and family smile w/
little goodies and thoughtfulness. Tiny steps.. tiny steps and I’ll get
there :)

Hand made gifts..

Home cooked food..

always a delight!

Thank you Thuy!

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