Things i do :)

Trying out new recipes.

Cooking gourmet food.

Growing a vegetable garden.

Making my own yogurt.

Having lots of time to read.

Learning to sew.. and actually sewing.

These are just a few things that I’ve been doing since I became a
stay at home mom. This slow paced life has its perks and i plan to take
advantage of it. It is a privilege to stay home and enjoy the simple
things (like watching my son nap or having all the time to prepare good
food for dinner).

I struggled with it for the first few months – always counting the
costs of (temporarily?) putting a halt to pursuing a career or just not
being able to do the things i usually do. But i realized that THIS is a
blessing – the blessing of an uncomplicated schedule and the joy of
wearing jammies all day :) So i decide to embrace it and take
advantage of it. Since then – i’ve been doing all sorts. In this entry i
focus on sewing… my weekly therapy that’s actually addicting :)

I made a swirly diaper bag for 2 of my mommy friends (Ancel and Val).
I also made another version for my friend Richelle. It takes
approximately 2 days for me to sew something like this. (Yabang :) )

I actually learned to sew the zippers through how-to online videos.

pretty neat huh? :)

well..currently wishing for a baby girl just so i could sew one of
these for myself :)

cheers to pretty and simple joys :)

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