Happy birthday my prince charming (not) :)

I remember him telling me (after an episode of me whining and being stubborn) "I can't be your prince charming. I am just Reiner" -- Thats when i knew that I wanted (needed) to marry him. My Reiner for you - Real. No pretensions. Truthful to himself. He does not believe in courtship. Only friendship and endless conversations of 'whys' and 'hows'. He taught me how to commute, love classical music, make the perfect sandwich, and appreciate the simple things in life. Thats a snippet of how i fell in love with him and thats one of the reasons why i still have a crush on him after 4 years of being his girlfriend and almost 3 years of being married to him.

Happy 28th birthday weinow..
I know. I know. kinda cheesy but i can't help it :)
Its hard to give a gift to someone continents away. So heres my gift: Thanking you for 28 things on your 28th birthday:

1) Thank you for giving me the best foot massages.
2) Thank you for being a principled man.
3) Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night to take care of Alab (when you know im so tired and lack sleep)
4) Thank you for taking care of me while i was pregnant - buying me what i need and food that i want :)
5) Thank you for still thinking i'm pretty and hot despite my HUGE weight gain. I don't feel insecure (ok.. just a little) because i am still gorgeous to you.
6) Thank you for always being honest with me.
7) Thank you for making me want to be a better wife to you and nanay to Alab.
8) Thank you for patiently shopping with me (from bookstores to boutiques to watsons) without complaining about time or that you are tired already.
9) Thank you for not pointing out my mistakes but always giving me a chance to be a better person.
10) Thank you for understanding my quirkiness (like how important my moleskine is, my pencil case and the plastic wrapper of my books)
11) Thank you for the poem you made.. hihi kilig ako.
12) Thank you for always saying that i have a big heart (i still dont understand but thank you)
13) Thank you for always giving me the yummy part of the bangus fish
14) Thank you for making me your best friend... It means a lot to me.
15) Thank you for loving my family.. especially for loving my pamangkins.
16) Thank you for being a hands on tatay to Alab.. I'm so proud of you.
17) Thank you for staying calm when i'm stressed out and goinloko
18) Thank you for accompanying me to the salon (and agreeing to have hotoil and foot spa as well)
19) Thank you for NOT spoiling me.
20) Thank you for our saturday (all days actually) DVD marathon - especially watching all 3 seasons of veronica mars with me.. hehe
21) Thank you for fixing the clothes of Alab in a very OC way.
22) Thank you for leading me spiritually - I look up to you for Wisdom and (almost) natural way of choosing what is right, honorable and pleasing in His eyes.
23) Thank you for your inquisitive mind.. i learn from you.
24) Thank you for just letting me be my weird wacko self :)
25) Thank you for sharing and trustung me with your deepest secrets.
26) Thank you for your love for Christ.
27) Thank you for (always) willing to accompany me drink coffee with my hersh (eventhough you have no one to talk to).
28) Thank you for not just loving me. I dont only feel loved by you. I feel respected. Appreciated. Understood.

Happy Birthday Weinow.. I love you.. See you soon mmmwah!

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