Like Skills: Krokan Ice Cream

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We try and do something fun at the end of the day. I usually plan things but lately the kids have been planning on their own, asking me to buy all sorts for their “projects”. I planned on cooking through Joy of Cooking with the kids for Life Skills. Of course, that never happened. Their idea of using Revolting Recipes is easier and much more fun.

Re-post: *Living* Memory Work

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**An old blog post about memory work.**

These words have since been part of our home.  More and more have been added through the years. 

Planning Mode: sy 2017-2018

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4 Students: Grade 6. Year 4. Year 2. Kinder.

On Strokes and Curves


7 year old Ilaya carefully doing her copywork.

Still on break :)


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We have not formally started our school year but have been preoccupied the past weeks with all sorts.